Shipping & Returns





US 20-25 business days
Canada 20-25 business days
Europe 20-25 business days
Asia / Australia / New Zealand 25-30 business days
South America 30-40 business days
Africa / Middle East 30-40 business days
  • Orders can take up to 5 business days to process before shipping.
  • Some items will be delivered in separate packages. This is due to our free worldwide shipping system. Their respective delivery time vary, not all of them will arrive at once.
  • Delivery method is parcel exclusive. We do not offer expedited shipping because of high import taxes they charge to our customers.
  • Delivery time in holiday season can take up to 45 working days due to high postal traffic. So be sure to order weeks in advance if you want to gift someone.
  • Processing time takes within 3-7 Business Days. Orders are processed Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.  Check your confirmation email for your tracking number or follow the steps below to track your order from our website:

    1. Click Order Status on the bottom of the page.
    2. Enter your email and your order number.


  • We allow returns within 30 days of arrival of the goods if they are damaged. Be sure to read the measurements in the products that apply.
  • We offer store credits as refunds.
  • We do not accept returns from lingerie items
  • If there are defects in the product, please send us some pictures showing the issue.

Custom fees

  • We are not responsible for custom taxes fees once the items have shipped.
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